London Overground set to launch night service in time for Christmas

  • Posted 6 months Ago

Transport for London has announced an extension of the Night Tube service, with the London Overground (or "Ginger Line" as some people insist on calling it) to launch a 24-hour service from 15 December.

The 24-hour service will run on Fridays and Saturdays and go between Dalston Junction and New Cross Gate. It won’t be stopping at Whitechapel however due to ongoing works at the station, but it will do next year. There are also plans for it to be extended up to Highbury & Islington in 2018.

The move is another step for London becoming a 24-hour-city, and it sure will make getting home after a long night on the town a whole lot easier. Maybe we don’t need Uber after all…

Source: BBC News