Z.Tao stars in YSL BEAUTÉ's new short film

Before the Light, the YSL BEAUTÉ film collection directed by Fabien Constant, gives us a backstage look at one of the most intimate moments a performing artist can have - just before they step into the spotlight.

To open the second season, YSL BEAUTÉ welcomes Z.Tao. An accomplished singer, actor, sportsman and composer. At just 24, Z.Tao is already carving out his own path in the musical world. A distinctly bold, free-spirited artist, he testifies to the very essence of YSL.

For many performers, make-up is their war paint, their tool to ready themselves before the bright stage lights, and in the process of getting ready for the performance, deft focus and reflection give way to energy and abandon as the artist comes face to face with the audience.

"Before the light comes on, I’m careful, quiet and focused" says Z.Tao, "but as soon as the light is on, curiosity wins. I become a new version of myself. A totally free version of myself."

In the clip, Z.Tao uses Touche Éclat, a tool which diminishes dark circles and highlights your very best features. The versatile range achieves luminosity, radiance and lift effortlessly - with the options to highlight the bridge of your nose to add radiance to your face, or line around the mouth for a fuller effect - the choice in who you want to be really is yours.

"Make-up helps me to become the person I really dream to be" we learn, as he adds the final touch to his look with YSL's perfecting, nourishing Top Secrets Lip Perfector. This formula readies your lips for colour, though it works just as well on its own, as Z.Tao demonstrates. With everyday use, you’ll have gentler, softer lips, while your natural lip colour will also become enhanced.

Z.Tao finishes with a spritz of Black Opium Eau de Parfum, an irresistible blend of coffee and white floral notes, the final flourish before he takes to the stage.

Discover how Z.Tao prepares for the bright lights of the stage with YSL BEAUTÉ's how-to video here.