Watch two new trailers for "Black Mirror" Season 4

Following a trailer shared earlier this year featuring all six new episodes set to be released for Season 4, Black Mirror has now revealed trailers for two specific episodes; "Arkangel” and "Crocodile".

"Arkangel" comes directed by Jodie Foster with a script from series creator Charlie Brooker. It stars Rosemarie DeWitt (La La Land) as a mother who gets in a real panic after losing her daughter in a park. She then takes the step to get some sort of device injected in her daughters head that makes it easier for her to contol her. Take a look above!

"Crocodile" meanwhile stars Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Gower and Kiran Sonia Sawar, and is directed by John Hillcoat. It sees a woman interrogating a man to try and get information about a hit and run incident. To help her, she uses a machine which can access memories that people may have forgotten. Take a look below!

No release date has been set for Black Mirror Season 4 just yet, but we expect it to air on Netflix in the coming months. Check out two posters for the new episodes below.