Listen: Field Music - Count It Up

  • Posted 6 months Ago

Field Music announced details of their new album Open Here earlier this month, and now we’ve got the first full track from it to listen to. It's called "Count It Up" and it’s pretty magnificent.

David Brewis explains the meaning of the track in the lengthy quote below. It’s well worth a read, in it he describes "Count It Up" as his version of "Material Girl".

David Brewis:

"I wrote the song on my son's keyboard and recorded a little demo of it on my phone and he was shouting numbers in the background. Somehow that combined with the melody to force the idea of the hook into my head and I couldn't escape it. I've been down and angry about the state of everything lately. Our town (Sunderland) has become infamous in that it was the first place that voted for Brexit, and that threw into really stark relief loads of fears I have about where we live. It's been a downtrodden place for quite a long time and people look for someone to blame. It's easy to blame someone else because you're in a rich country. It's easy to blame someone else because you're a guy. It's easy to blame someone else because you're white. It's easy to blame someone else because you don't have to think about any of the circumstantial things that make the whole of existence more difficult. I did go through a period not long after the global financial crisis when I read a lot about economics and there's a section in a book by Joseph Stiglitz called Making Globalisation Work about how those on the right hand side of the spectrum tend to ascribe their fortunes entirely in the frame of their own talents. So if somebody is poor it's because they're stupid, and if I'm rich it’s not because my parents gave me a great start in life, or money, or a great education, it's because I'm talented and brilliant. I think all of that fed into this howl of rage set to what's basically my version of 'Material Girl.'"

Open Here is out 2 February, 2018 via Memphis Industries.