Lady Gaga's Polaroid Creations

  • Posted 94 months Ago

This time last year Polaroid recruited Lady Gaga as their new creative director, it wasn't until last Thursday, at the Consumer Electronics Show, that we got to see the fruits of this collaboration. As part of their new range of products, called Grey Label, Gaga unveiled a digital camera with a retro design and a set of sunglasses with two embedded 1.5" LCD displays.

The glasses act as a wearable camera and can take photos on the move, be loaded with photographs and videos to display in a slideshow, and can share pictures in real-time. To develop both of these products Gaga worked closely with design firm Ammunition LLC, known for creating the "Beats" by Dr. Dre headphones.

When asked about the pop star's actual involvement in the development of the products, Robert Brunner, the creative director of Ammunition, said she would brainstorm ideas, participate in meetings and provide feedback on models and designs. "She takes it very personally - she really feels this stuff is a representation of her. She has ideas coming from her ethos and perspective. So how do we turn that into a strong viable product design?"

The other product, a 12-megapixel digital camera, allows you to instantly print your photographs (much like the original Polaroid) with Zero Ink's technology. The underside of the camera also features a large LCD display that can swivel. "So much time has gone by that to a lot of younger people, Polaroid doesn't have meaning like it does for those who remember it from its heyday," says Brunner. "But that equity is still there - and we're developing a whole series of products to help them reclaim that territory."

Retail prices for the products haven't been revealed as of yet, but should be out "later this year".