Watch "Noisey Blackpool II"

  • Posted 6 months Ago

It’ been a year since the release of Noisey’s documentary on the controversial Blackpool grime scene, and now it has just released a sequel, suitably titled Noisey Blackpool II.

In the film, host Poet heads back to the seaside town to talk to Soph Aspin, Little T and Afghan Dan to find out how fame is impacting their lives, and also to meet a few of the new MCs in town.

He finds that things have progressed in some ways, with Soph Aspin and Little T playing sold out live shows, but that they’re still using explicit lyrics in their tracks and sending for each other every chance they get.

Also, Little T says Stormzy "can go f**k himself".

Watch above!

If you haven't seen it, watch the first Noisey Blackpool here.