Listen: Nicolas Jaar - Coin In Nine Hands

  • Posted 5 months Ago

Nicloas Jaar has announced details of a deluxe edition of his 2016 album Sirens to be released this Friday, 8 December. It will feature new artwork and three new tracks which were all made around the same time as the rest of the record.

The first of those new tracks is titled "Coin In Nine Hands" and can be heard below via YouTube.

Speaking about the release over on Twitter, Jaar said: "this deluxe version of the record is what it should have been all along but i got scared of 'coin' and decided against it at the last minute.. but then i started performing coin at every show... i couldn't get it out of me..everything floats to the surface at some point.."

He also shared a number of links to articles that give context to the song. Take a look at them all on Twitter below.

Sirens Deluxe Edition is out 8 December via Other People.