Watch "Home", a powerful interactive film about climate change

ěrsted, a global leading green energy company, has partnered with ad agency powerhouse Wieden+Kennedy and Tool of NA to create an interactive film about climate change.

Titled Home, the film prompts viewers to complete three phrases about what home means to them - "Home is my…", "Home is where I feel…" and "Home should be…" - and then uses the completed phrases to create a personal film.

What is surprising though, is that while the concept may seem a tad unexciting, the film that is presented to viewers is incredibly powerful and emotional.

It begins with pleasant and calming images of various idyllic home scenarios - children playing with pets, couples cosying up in front of roaring open fireplace, friends lounging on the sofa watching a movie and eating popcorn etc. - with a voiceover of the three personal phrases softly being spoken over the top.

These images of bliss home life are soon gone though, as a wave of footage featuring extreme weather and the destruction it causes floods the screen. The meaning and thought behind the three personal phrases, which are still being spoken, is suddenly under threat. Home no longer looks like a place where you’d feel "safe" or "happy", and it’s definitely not a place that you’d call a "paradise". It looks terrifying, and the emotional response connected to the viewers deep-seated memories of "home" is equated to the feelings of our larger home: planet Earth, and it’s unsettling to think about.

ěrsted offers hope though, as for the first time in history green energy is cheaper than black, so the idea of a world that runs entirely on green energy is now a possibility, and in the fight against climate change ěrsted are working to make it happen.

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