An innocent typo turns Satan into a p*ssy in Christmas short "Dear Satan"

Ad agency Anomaly shared a real great Christmas animation last year called The 12 Days of Christmas - A Tale of Avian Misery, and this year they’ve got another incredible short film for the festive season, this time titled Dear Satan.

The animated short tells the story of a sweet little girl called Hope who makes an innocent typo in her letter to Santa, mistakingly addressing it to the lord of darkness, Satan. As he’s only used to receiving droves of hate mail, Satan is strangely moved by the kind-hearted letter and starts to get feelings of empathy and compassion which make him vomit.

It all escalates from there, Satan is branded a "p*ssy" and kicked out of hell for holding a talk on peace and love, but he finds life on earth pretty wonderful and even gets a job working at a gluten free bakery in Shoreditch. But unfortunately the truth about the typo eventually comes out, and Satan returns to a state of fury.

It’s a superbly animated piece and it comes with a voice over by the legendary actor Patrick Stewart. Check it out above!