Google Shares "Year In Search 2017"

  • Posted 5 months Ago

Google has just unveiled the "Year In Search 2017", its annual round-up of the most searched people, new stories, tv shows, movies and more.

This year is broken up into 15 categories, and they are as follows: Searches, People, Global News, Actors, Consumer Tech, Elections, Global Sporting Events, How To…, Losses, Memes, Movies, Musicians and Bands, Recipe, Songs/Lyrics, and TV Shows.

A few of the big search topics in 2017 included the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which came out first and second for tech searches, Kevin Spacey was the fifth most-searched person and the second most-searched actor following a slew of sexual harassment allegations this year, Ariana Grande was the most-searched musician, and IT came out as the top-searched movie while Stranger Things took the top spot for TV Shows.

The full list featuring the top ten searches for each category can be found below! Head over to Google to see a breakdown of the top searches for individual countries around the globe and watch the video above which has a specific focus on the How To… searches from 2017.