Trailer: Slender Man

The debut trailer for new horror film Slender Man has just been released. The movie is based on the popular creepypasta meme which depicts a tall well-dressed creature that torments and abducts children.

From the looks of the trailer, the film looks pretty terrifying, with scenes including a girl stabbing herself in the eye with a scalpel and the Slender Man stalking someone in the woods. Take a look at it above.

The plot follows four girls who set out to debunk the myth of the Slender Man by performing a ritual, but one of them ends up going missing and it becomes clear the Slender Man is behind it.

The film follows a 2016 documentary (later released on HBO in 2017) titled Beware The Slenderman which looked at the real-life case of two 12-year old girls from Wisconsin who were accused of stabbing their friend under the instruction of the long-limbed apparition.

Slender Man is directed by Sylvain White and is set for a 18 May release.