This is what London's skyline will look like in 2026

  • Posted 2 months Ago

London’s skyline is set to change quite a bit in the next ten years, with 13 new developments either currently under construction, due to start construction or received consent from the City of London.

The City of London Corporation has now shared renderings showing what the skyline will look like in 2026 based on the 13 new developments being completed.

The tallest of the new builds is set to be 1 Undershaft - nicknamed "The Trellis" due to its external cross bracing - at 304m and 73 storeys. It will host a dedicated Museum of London gallery at the top of the building as well as London’s highest restaurant.

Six of the 13 developments will include free public viewing galleries providing stunning views across London’s skyline. They include 22 Bishopsgate (aka "TwentyTwo" home to this spectacular climbing window), 120 Fenchurch Street, 6-8 Bishopsgate, 1 Leadenhall Street and 1 Undershaft.

Take a look at the renderings of the future skyline below and head over to City of London’s website for more information.

Photo: 2026 View from City Hall

Photo: 2026 View from South Bank

Photo: 2026 View from Fleet Street

Photo: 2026 View from Waterloo Bridge