Music Video Monday

  • Posted 4 months Ago

Our first music video selection of the year is a real good one. We’ve got six new videos for you to take a look at in total, and they include a couple from December which we missed, as well as four brand new ones released over the past week.

Take a look below for great new videos from Insecure Men, Superorganism, Shirt, Sonny Smith ft. Angel Olsen, Common Holly, and The Babe Rainbow. Enjoy!

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Insecure Men - "Teenage Toy"
Directed by Jak Payne

Superorganism - "Everybody Wants To Be Famous"
Directed by Robert Strange

Shirt - "Flight Home"
Directed by Dave Svedosh

Sonny Smith - "Burnin' Up" ft. Angel Olsen
Directed by Ryan Daniel Browne

Common Holly - "Nothing"
Directed by Nathan Schmidt

The Babe Rainbow - "Monky Disco"
Directed by S.L.Kristofski & Babe Rainbow

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