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King Krule wants your "The OOZ" sky photos for Instagram competition

The south London musician is sharing fan versions of his album artwork.

  • · Posted 3 weeks Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Over the weekend, Archie Marshall aka King Krule took to Instagram Stories on his @edgar_the_breathtaker account to ask fans to send him versions of The OOZ artwork, saying: "I’m gonna collect them maybe even give prizes out or something".

The artwork for his latest album (see above) is a grainy photo of a blue sky with an aeroplane and its thick contrails running behind it, and now there’s plenty of similar photos all collected on a newly launched Instagram account titled @oozskyphotos.

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The account is run by Marshall and is full of submissions which follow the same theme as the simple but beautiful artwork. As Dazed point out, there’s no clear rules for the competition or an indication of what the prize might be, but if you’ve got a nice shot you want to share for the series, then the DMs for @oozskyphotos are open.

Check out a few of the submissions via Instagram below.

@uehtrak in Liege Belgium

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@jamesroe_ Chelmsford in October 2017

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@camiigonzalez this ones could win a prize

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