Artist Alex Chinneck has tied a 450-year-old column into a knot

  • Posted 3 months Ago

Alex Chinneck, the artist who created the incredible giant rip down the side of a London building last year, has unveiled his latest piece - a huge structural column which has been tied into a vast knot.

The knotted pillar sits alongside 450-year-old columns as if it were meant to be there, with Chinneck cleverly introducing a straight column together with the knotted pillar to give the impression of symmetry.

Speaking about the artwork, Chinneck said via press release:

"I like to give fluidity to typically inflexible things, transcending their material nature. The columns are the prominent feature in the 450-year-old museum and this intervention took an opportunity to defy logic and distort history.

I wanted to create the impression that we had only changed what was already physically present in the museum and the work was born through the manipulation, rather than introduction, of material. With this approach, the objective was to produce something sculpturally bold but contextually sensitive."

Accompanying the knotted pillar is a wooden broom leaning against the wall, which has also been knotted.

If you want to see the knots in person, Alex Chinneck’s exhibition Birth, death and a midlife crisis is currently on at the German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck and runs until 8 April.

Photos: Alex Chinneck Birth, death and a midlife crisis