Unknown Mortal Orchestra announce new album and share "American Guilt" video

  • Posted 2 months Ago

Unknown Mortal Orchestra returned a couple of weeks back with the brilliant single "American Guilt", and now plans have been revealed for a new album titled Sex & Food which is out on 6 April via Jagjaguwar.

The album was recorded in variety of locations including Seoul, Hanoi, Reykjavik, Mexico City, and Aukland, as well as at UMO mastermind Ruben Nielson’s home studio in Portland. In a press release, it’s described as focussing on the themes of "What are we consuming? How is it affecting us, and why does everything feel so bad and weird sometimes?".

Along with the album announcement, a new animated video directed by Greg Sharp has been shared for "American Guilt". Take a look at it above and have a read of a new note shared by Nielson about the track below:

"American Guilt is an attempt to capture some of the feelings floating around these days. In a perverse way I wanted to embrace this abandoned genre of rock music that I keep reading is "dead" and invite people to hear what this living dead genre sounds like in the UMO universe. It was recorded in Hanoi, Vietnam during monsoon season in a studio built for traditional Vietnamese music. Additional recording was done in Mexico City but our sessions were interrupted by one of the devastating earthquakes that occurred there last year. As we slept in the Parque de Mexico, unable to get back to our Air BnB, we heard a man yell "Viva la Mexico!" and I put this in the song out of respect for them."

Sex & Food is out 6 April via Jagjaguwr. You can pre-order it here and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food
1. A God Called Hubris
2. Major League Chemicals
3. Ministry of Alienation
4. Hunnybee
5. Chronos Feasts on His Children
6. American Guilt
7. The Internet of Love (That Way)
8. Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
9. This Doomsday
10. How Many Zeros
11. Not in Love We're Just High
12. If You're Going to Break Yourself