Giant orb music venue proposed for London's Olympic Park

  • Posted 3 months Ago

The Madison Square Garden Company has unveiled the first images of proposed plans for a giant orb music venue in London's Olympic Park. If given the go ahead, the building would be taller than St Paul's Cathedral at 130m and have a capacity of 18,000 seats and 5,000 standing.

Inside, it would feature "absolutely game-changing technology" including groundbreaking Sound Beam technology from Holoplot, capable of ensuring that audio quality will be the same for every audience member regardless of where they sit, and an ultra-high resolution 360-degree visual display. "It will revolutionise the way music and entertainment is viewed," said MSG executive vice president Jayne McGivern.

Image: MSG

MSG hopes to lodge planning applications by the end of the year and, if approved, believes it can complete the project in just three years. It's been estimated the venue would create up to 3,200 new jobs and could bring an extra 2.7 billion to the UK's economy over the first 20 years of operation.

The design has already received the support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. "It’s great to welcome another world-class venue to the capital, to confirm London’s position as a music powerhouse and to boost still further our city’s thriving night-time economy," he said.