Take a look at this insane "Furby Organ"

Made by YouTuber Look Mum No Computer.

  • · Posted 1 week Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Forty-four screaming Furby dolls all lined up in an ominous towering formation sounds like a horrifying nightmare, but YouTuber Look Mum No Computer has created just that for his completely insane "Furby Organ".

Having previously created ambitious instruments like the Synth Bike and a flamethrower organ, Look Mum No Computer’s latest project features an army of Furbies all screaming in unison. Each doll has been modified by the "fully patent void formant Furby fusion synthesis brain modification surgery procedure", and despite not sounding great, the Furbies do actually belt out a tune, albeit a very high pitched and terrifying one.

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Check it out above and have a detailed look at the impressive build in the video below!

You can support Look Mum No Computer and help fund more of his insane creations over on Patreon.

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