Wes Anderson discusses new film "Isle of Dogs" at Berlin Film Festival

  • Posted 1 month Ago

Wes Anderson hasn’t spoken too much about his new film Isle of Dogs thus far, but at the Berlin International Film Festival - where Isle of Dogs became the first ever animated film to open proceedings - he spoke at the official press conference together with the cast to discuss the making of film and its influences.

Anderson said Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and he started the project around the idea they wanted to make a film about a pack of dogs abandoned on a garbage dump. The fact it is set in a "fantasy version of Japan" came about as the trio wanted to create "something related to our shared love of Japanese cinema, especially [Akira] Kurosawa".

Speaking more about the Japanese influence, Anderson said: "I really got interested in Japanese animation in the time before I did Fantastic Mr. Fox. It wasn’t like I was a huge animation guy. This one, there are two directors who are our inspirations: Kurosawa and Miyazaki… With Miyazaki you get nature and you get moments of peace, a kind of rhythm that is not in the American animation tradition so much. That inspired us quite a lot. There were times when I worked with Alexandre Desplat on the score and we found many places where we had to pull back from what we were doing musically because the movie wanted to be quiet. That came from Miyazaki".

Take a look at a short snippet of the press conference below where Anderson talks about actors not being able to say no to a voice role.

Remind yourself of the brilliant Isle of Dogs trailer here.

Isle of Dogs is out in cinemas 23 March.