Beach House share new track "Dive"

  • Posted 1 month Ago

Beach House returned last month with the brilliant new track "Lemon Glow" as well as news of a brand new album. They’ve now followed that up with another wonderful sounding track, this time called "Dive".

"Dive" is a bit of a slow burner, with pretty synth sounds and gentle guitars sitting underneath Victoria Legrand’s vocals for half of the track - but then a driving beat comes in backed by a distorted guitar line which build together to create an all out psychedelic dream-pop epic.

Take a listen below!

No more news has been shared on the forthcoming album, but the artwork for "Dive" on Spotify could possibly be the album cover. It's their seventh record after all…

Beach House have now announced details of their new album. It's titled 7 and it's out on 11 May. Check out the tracklist and artwork below!

Beach House - 7
1. Dark Spring
2. Pay No Mind
3. Lemon Glow
4. L’Inconnue
5. Drunk In LA
6. Dive
7. Black Car
8. Lose Your Smile
9. Woo
10. Girl Of The Year
11. Last Ride

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