South Bank's iconic Undercroft skate park to be given a huge extension

  • Posted 1 month Ago

It's just been announced that the world famous Undercroft skate park on South Bank will be extended by almost a third of its size after receiving a 700,000 grant from City Hall.

The skate spot, dubbed the "spiritual home of British skating", has featured in countless skate videos, as well as Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, and has remained a key part of British skate culture since the 1970s. Speaking about the plans, Southbank Centre's chief executive, Elaine Bedell, said:

"The development of this space will give skaters and BMXers access to newly opened up, and restored, sections of the Undercroft whilst young people and schoolchildren from across the capital will benefit from a new fully accessible arena for diverse creative and learning activities."

The skate park was under severe threat of closure just a few years back when plans were announced to turn it into a shopping area. The news sparked a massive backlash from both skateboarders and the general public, resulting in the formation of campaign group Long Live Southbank, who fought the proposals for 17-months and ultimately won. Now, much of the closed off area towards the back of the skate park will be reopened as a skate park, with other areas of it being turned into a garden and a Young People's Centre.

The 700,000 grant is part of a larger 24 million round of investment announced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who awarded 26 other projects funding to help boost regeneration of communities. "I want to give all Londoners – regardless of background – the opportunity to be actively involved in their city and have more places to live, learn, work and play," said Khan.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay