Samsung's new TVs can perfectly camouflage themselves

  • Posted 2 months Ago

Samsung has just unveiled a new line of 4K QLED televisions that come complete with an impressive feature called Ambient Mode. It basically solves the issue of having a huge black box on your wall when you're not using your TV and allows the screen to perfectly blend into the wall.

To use it, you hang your TV on the wall, and then stand back and take a photo of it along with its surroundings. Ambient Mode then analyses this image to create a unique screensaver that matches the wall around it, meaning all that's left visible is the thin bezel.

Given the in-person results of Samsung's Frame TV, which was unveiled last year and allowed you to display art on your TV while it was dormant, it's unlikely that Ambient Mode will be as perfect as you'd like. Due to various environmental circumstances like texture and ambient light, you're definitely still going to be able to notice the TV on the wall, but it's certainly a step in the right direction and a very neat little feature.

No release date has been announced for the TVs as of yet, but it did say sizes will range from 49 to 88 inches.

Image courtesy of Samsung