Instagram's feed might go back to chronological order

  • Posted 2 months Ago

When Instagram changed its chronological feed to an algorithm-jumbled mess in 2016 there was a huge uproar, not just because it meant people would be seeing a lot more ads, but because it was one of the most-loved features of the platform. It allowed us to easily and methodically see everything our friends and favourite brands had been sharing, knowing that we wouldn't be missing out on anything and also ensuring we saw fresh and exciting content, not just stuff an algorithm assumed we would like.

Given the public outcry, its safe to assume the people in charge of Instagram's design are aware of the preference for a chronological feed, so are they considering changing it back? Current evidence looks like they might be - user @jackharding, a photographer who boasts 168k followers, just posted to his Story that his feed has reverted back to chronological order. Several others have also noted the change.

Instagram is yet to comment on why some users feed are like this, so it may just be a test that's never rolled out. Only time will tell!

Image courtesy of Pexels