Adult Swim hasn't renewed "Rick and Morty" yet

  • Posted 1 month Ago

Despite the fact it has a very passionate, loyal fanbase, it appears that Adult Swim is yet to commission another season of comedy animation Rick and Morty.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, who accused him of being a "lazy alcoholic" for not finishing Season 4, the show's co-creator Dan Harmon said that the show "hasn’t been ordered by a network" yet.

This is very unusual given the fact that Rick and Morty is one of its biggest ever hits, but it's not completely out of the ordinary for Adult Swim, which is known for its unorthodox production methods. In fact, there was a two year gap between seasons 2 and 3, so we could see season 4 released sometime in 2019, as was suggested by writer and producer Ryan Ridley when speaking to Detroit Cast.

More likely than not, there are just a number of delaying factors we're currently unaware of (perhaps creative burnout, as suggested by Screenrant?) and the show will rear its head eventually.

Stay tuned for more information.

Image courtesy of Adult Swim