Tropicalia - The world's largest single-domed tropical greenhouse

  • Posted 3 weeks Ago

In collaboration with energy company Dalkia, French architecture firm Coldefy & Associates has unveiled plans for a huge tropical greenhouse to be built in Pas-de-Calais, France.

Named "Tropicalia", the 215,000 square-foot structure will be the largest of its kind, featuring a tropical forest, a turtle beach, 82-foot-high waterfall, an Olympic-sized pool for Amazonian fish, and a one-kilometer-long walking trail, all designed to make it a "harmonious haven". There will also be an auditorium, restaurant, bed and breakfast, and a scientific area complete with conference room, laboratory, and clinic.

To make sure the $62-million project is as eco-friendly as possible, ETFE plastic technology is being utilised in a "double-dome", allowing UV light to pass through while controlling thermal conditions inside. A third layer of ETFE will be placed underneath the structure, which will itself be partially embedded into the landscape, allowing natural thermal heat to be captured. With all of this combined, it's believed the project will be energy-self-sufficient and there's even the possibility excess energy can be distributed out to surrounding buildings.

Construction on Tropicalia is due to begin in 2019 with a planned opening date of 2021. It's expected up to 500,000 visitors will visit each year.

Top image: Octav Tirziu Atelier

Image courtesy of Coldefy & Associates

Image courtesy of Coldefy & Associates

Image courtesy of Coldefy & Associates

Source: ArchDaily