JR discusses his "Inside Out" art project

  • Posted 2 weeks Ago

The Great Big Story, a YouTube channel created in collaboration with TED, has spoken to artist JR about his new project "Inside Out".

The aim of the project is essentially to hand over the reigns from JR to the public, enabling people to spread the word faster than he ever could on his own. Through the website, people all over the world can submit their images, which are then printed out in large format and posted to them. "Every day I see rolls leaving around the world," says JR. "The project went much further than the places I've been, and that shows the power of art."

They also speak to some of JR's team, who drive a truck around the world to take portraits of people, print them out, and stick them up in public places. "The truck has this magic about bringing photography back to print".

You can watch the short video above.

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