Do You Trust This Computer? – A documentary exploring the potential of AI

  • Posted 2 weeks Ago

Directed by Chris Paine, the director behind Who Killed the Electric Car?, comes a new documentary exploring the potential, and potential risks, of artificial intelligence.

Entitled Do You Trust This Computer?, the documentary's release is incredibly well-timed considering the recent controversies around Facebook and the way it treats the vast amounts of data it stores on billions of users.

"The inspiration for the documentary began about three years ago when I plugged my phone into my laptop and first saw the question ‘Do you trust this computer?’ In spite of my enthusiasm for tech, I realized my answer was actually no," said Paine when speaking to Deadline. "The impetus for the film was to explore how AI is starting to redefine that trust and our relationship with computers. How fast is this tech accelerating? What does it promise us? Are there truly ‘existential threats’? And perhaps the biggest question, can we control what we’ve created."

It includes interviews with prominent figures in the industry, such as Elon Musk, Andrew Ng, Jonathan Nolan (the creator of HBO series Westworld) and Shivon Zilis.

Do You Trust This Computer? is currently free to stream online here.