Performance artist Marina Abramović to charge herself with one million volts of electricity

  • Posted 2 weeks Ago

Marina Abramović, a performance artist who isn't exactly afraid of pushing the envelope, has announced plans for a new art piece which will see her body charged with one million volts of electricity. If successful, she will then extinguish a candle from over a metre away using her electric field, which will repel the flame's charged particles.

This all sounds highly dangerous and scary, but according to tech company Factum Arte, with whom Abramović is collaborating, it shouldn't be all that tricky. "Electricity is something that people really don’t understand," said Adam Lowe, Factum Arte’s founder, when speaking to The Times. "If you look on the internet though, you will see people becoming highly charged and as long as they are insulated, you can fly bits of lightning out of your fingers."

The performance will make up part of Abramović’s 2020 solo show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. She will be 73-years-old when performing the piece.

Abramović rose to fame in the '70s with a controversial performance called Rhythm 0. The artist stood in a space in Naples and asked audience members to do to her whatever they wished using one of 72 objects she places on a table, including a gun loaded with a single bullet. Other items included a rose, feather, grapes, wine, scissors, bread, and a metal bar. Commenting about the work afterwards, she said: "What I learned was that… if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you."

Image courtesy of Wikipedia