Apple now runs on 100% green energy

  • Posted 1 month Ago

Although it hasn't been shouting about it at every opportunity, for the past six years Apple has been quietly working behind-the-scenes to make the company as green as it possibly can. Now, in early 2018, it can finally boast that it runs on 100% green energy.

For the past couple of years the tech giant has been very close to its goal, hovering around the 96% green energy mark, but in typical Apple fashion it didn't rush to pat itself on the back, instead ensuring that every single tiny sales office, in every obscure part of the world, was running on renewable energy first.

While an incredibly commendable achievement, it's worth noting that the 100% figure is only for its own operations – its headquarters, data centres, retail stores and distribution centres – and not for those of its suppliers. However, it has managed to convince 23 companies in its supply chain to pledge they will get the Apple side of their business running off 100% green energy as well.

Former Vice President Al Gore has already applauded Apple's efforts, thanking them for setting the standard and proving that moving to green energy can actually reduce energy costs and can even boost sales due to an improved perception of the company.

Other tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook all look set to follow suit, with Amazon Web Services also working towards a 100% goal (it passed the 40% mark in 2016). Let's hope other industries and sectors jump on the green bandwagon as well.

Photo: Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino is powered by 100 percent renewable energy – image courtesy of Apple