A series of Japanese gum commercials like no other

  • Posted 1 month Ago

A new series of short commercials from Japanese confectionary company Sakeru are like nothing we've ever seen before and, based on the one million views the compilation video above has, its marketing department is due a raise.

The clips, each just 30-seconds in length, act as mini soap episodes, telling the story of Chi-chan and her straight-laced boyfriend Tooru-san. Both of them are huge fans of the ripple Sakeru Gummy, but usually opt for the smaller version, that is, until they come across "loooong, looooooong, maaaaaaaaaan" a "crazy" gentleman who has them enthralled by his super long, ummm... gum strips.

Each clip is genius in itself, but tied together they'll have you as hooked as the best soap operas. Watch it above.

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