American Apparel relaunches in the UK

  • Posted 3 weeks Ago

Having gone through a serious of financial difficulties last year, ending in the closure of the every US and UK store and an acquisition by Gildan, American Apparel has now relaunched in the UK via. its online store.

Seeing as its last business model didn't work out so well, the brand is taking a new approach to retail, launching a new range of products with more attractive pricing and a wider, more inclusive size range, all while saving the rent and business rates of high street locations.

"We have a deep love for our European customers, who really love and get the brand's sense of humour and irreverent nature," said Sabina Weber, director of brand marketing at American Apparel. "They also know the quality and the timeless, effortless styles that we offer and they miss having those pieces in their closets."

Image courtesy of American Apparel

Classic styles to be relaunched include a wide array of colourful t-shirts, the iconic Disco Pants, High-Waist Jeans, Bodysuits, Metallic Leggings, Unisex Hoodies, and Fisherman Pullovers.

To coincide with the online launch, the brand has created a "Back to Basics" marketing campaign that was cast entirely through social media, setting the brand's pledge to work with "real people" across a variety of ages, ethnicities, and body types. The brand will also be highlighting its commitment to staying sweatshop-free and sustainably made.

You can shop the new range now at

Image courtesy of American Apparel