IKEA and Teenage Engineering preview their analog audio range

  • Posted 3 weeks Ago

Prior to its release next summer, IKEA has given us a little sneak peek at the audio system its been working on with electronics firm Teenage Engineering.

Rather than take on brands like Sonos with voice-enabled devices and whatnot, the two companies instead decided to go down the analog route, creating a multicomponent system named Frekvens. The whole range was built around the idea of offering people an affordable way of throwing a house party. "I started thinking about how, a lot of Swedes, we go to Ikea when we have a party, to get candles, napkins," said Jesper Kouthoofd, a co-founder of Teenage Engineering, when speaking to AdAge. "Maybe we could do something that's really affordable so people can buy a sound system, including a light show--a complete party."

Image courtesy of IKEA and Teenage Engineering

The collection has been in the works for two years and includes a turntable, speakers and lighting equipment with prices ranging from $5 up to $99. It's currently going through the final refining process, but is due for release in Summer 2019. "We're working on tweaking the turntable design right now to get it to a good price," adds Kouthoofd. "I want it to be as low as possible."

Image courtesy of IKEA and Teenage Engineering