Elon Musk will use dirt from The Boring Company to make bricks for low-cost homes

  • Posted 1 week Ago

After being criticised for not addressing serious issues when he announced plans to launch a candy company, Elon Musk now wants to turn the dirt excavated by his Boring Company into cheap bricks to build low-cost housing.

"The Boring Company will be using dirt from tunnel digging to create bricks for low cost housing," he tweeted in reply to podcaster Cody Johnston, who criticised his confectionary idea. Johnston rebuffed the idea once again, saying "Your solution for affordable housing is selling dirt to poor people?"

Musk, a multi-billionaire famous for founding companies Tesla and SpaceX, among others, is renowned for acting on spur of the moment ideas. In fact, his tunnelling company, The Boring Company, was founded on a whim when Musk was stuck in Los Angeles' notorious traffic. "Traffic is driving me nuts," he tweeted. "Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging..."

Speaking to Bloomberg, a spokesperson for the Boring Company confirmed that the "excavated muck" could be used to make "an insane amount of bricks". The idea has already been criticised online however, with people claiming making bricks isn't actually that easy and you can't just use any old "muck" you find.

Hats off to the man if he makes it happen though. Let's see how this plays out…

Image courtesy of Pixabay