Spotify is testing a new "Friends Weekly" playlist

  • Posted 1 week Ago

Spotify's algorithmically-produced playlists like Discover Weekly are great at introducing you to similar music to what you've already listened to, but what they're not so great at is expanding your horizons by introducing you to new bands and genres. That's potentially where Friends Weekly comes in. It's a new playlist Spotify is testing out which shows you a curation of songs that your friends on Spotify are listening to, acting as a modern day equivalent of a friend giving you a mixtape.

The Friends Weekly feature has so far only been available to a very small group of users, but it looks like it will be rolling out to a larger group soon, although Spotify confirmed to The Verge that it was still in the testing phase.

Keep an eye on your dashboard for the full implementation. You can also listen to the HUH. Spotify Playlist here.

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