A Peanuts Hotel is opening in Japan

  • Posted 7 days Ago

Fans of Charles M. Schulz's comic Peanuts will be incredibly happy to hear that a Peanuts Hotel is opening in Kobe, Japan, this summer.

Promising to be a place "where guests feel comfortable", the hotel wills span six floors and will include a Peanuts Cafe and a Peanuts Diner, both of which will offer dishes directly inspired by the comic. There will be 18 guest rooms in total, each of which has been designed and decorated in its own unique way.

"The Snoopy hotel concept is taken from a scene in its original comic; where Snoopy's bird friends fall asleep at his house as if it's their own," says the hotel. IT'S NICE TO HAVE A HOME WHERE YOUR GUESTS FEEL COMFORTABLE is the slogan of this three story hotel, each floor carrying its own theme: IMAGINE, HAPPY and LOVE."

Reservations will start at ¥30,000 JPY, which equates to roughly £200 a night per person, which includes breakfast at the Peanuts Diner.

Head over to the hotel website for more information.