• KAWS Companion at The Standard Hotel, NY
  • Posted 60 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 10198 Views
  • Two days ago the gigantic KAWS Companion, which was recently exhibited at New York's Aldrich Contemporary Museum, was transported from the gallery's back exit through to the front of The Standard Hotel, causing crowds to stop, stare, and take pictures. Have a look for yourself below!


    • it's pretty sad that the KAWS exhibit had been in my town (which is in connecticut, on the border of NY) for so many months, and not a terrible amount of people came to see it. It was behind the museum hidden away out of the sight of passerbys.
    • emma Posted 60 months ago · 103 Reply
    • I think Brian should stop rinising out the same old stuff year after year....
    • Hugh Posted 60 months ago · 95 Reply