• Nan Goldin: Fireleap
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  • Legendary fine art photographer Nan Goldin recently opened her new show, entitled "Fireleap" at the Sprovieri Gallery in London's Mayfair. The exhibition features a series of landscapes as well as a number of images of children, taken between 1978 and today, revealing the artist's fascination with their freedom and natural innocence. All the images on display were previously unseen: "They have been my secret work metaphors for loneliness… (I was) trying to break the glass between the outside world and me. I had lived in a dark space for 15 years so the landscape was unfamiliar to me, a fascination with an unknown world outside".

    The exhibition opened on 24 June and will be running through 6 August, 2011.

    Sprovieri Gallery
    23 Heddon Street
    W1B 4BQ


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