• Fox Considering Simpsons' Channel
  • Posted 57 months ago by Jack Lowe · culture · 37678 Views
  • American broadcasting company Fox are supposedly considering rolling out an "all Simpsons'" channel. Speaking at a recent media conference, the Chief Operating Officer at News Corp - Chase Carey - said the company is looking for new ways to increase their revenue from the long-running show and said they are seriously considering the option.

    The Simpsons is just about to kick off its 23rd season and is well on its way to the 500th episode, but apparently still shows "no signs of slowing down." If the channel does go ahead, however, it won't be for a number of years because the show is still airing through Fox and is doing well. Should production of the series finish at episode 500 though, the channel would be able to air episodes back-to-back, 24/7, for a solid week, without having to show a repeat.


    • Awesome
    • Awesome Posted 57 months ago · 110 Reply
    • That's great. At least for Americans. I don't think that a Simpsons Channel would be available in Europe.
    • Marc Posted 57 months ago · 130 Reply
    • My prayers have been answered!! its only on once a week at 11:00PM and i can't stay up to watch it! this would be perfect!!
    • Alison Posted 57 months ago · 110 Reply
    • I would watch it every day all the time forever.
    • Start this up, please Posted 54 months ago · 81 Reply
    • Dear Simpsons, You were the best cartoon in the world, now you have forgotten how to be funny, please stop before you go too far. Sincerely, Most Simpsons fans
    • Joeyjoejoe Junior Shabado Posted 48 months ago · 105 Reply
    • it sounds great but would it be available in the uk x
    • a person Posted 48 months ago · 107 Reply
    • What a waste! The Simpsons were fantastic until about Season 15, then it got just down right stupid. Just let it go People, just let it go. Maggie is NEVER going to speak.
    • Cait O'Murch Posted 47 months ago · 117 Reply