• New London Bus Design
  • Posted 51 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 55436 Views
  • Some new images of Thomas Heatherwick's London routemaster bus redesign have come to the surface. The new version of the iconic bus features two staircases and three doors - enabling travellers to once again hop on and off whenever they want!

    Apparently the new bus will also be fuel efficient, saving 15% more energy than the existing hybrid buses and 40% more than the conventional diesel versions.

    Heatherwick said:

    "It has been 50 years since a bus was last designed and commissioned specifically for London. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a team to look again at the opportunities for a new open-platform bus. It has been an honour to be asked by Londonís transport authority to take an integrated approach and design everything that you see and experience from the outside down to the tiniest details of the interior."

    Seven of these buses will soon be appearing of the route of bus 38.


    • MILIKEN GARDNER Posted 51 months ago · 202 Reply
    • Great job!
    • LOGO BLOG Posted 51 months ago · 187 Reply
    • Very nice. I wish we had them in New York. Do you suppose they could be made for righthand driving?
    • Mike Cole Posted 51 months ago · 188 Reply
    • I take my hat off to the British, I have been impressed with their sense of innovation , but this is the best yet. The only thing is that this design, if approved, will not be changed for another century.
    • Romeld Phillips Posted 51 months ago · 211 Reply
    • Fabulous. Can you come talk to Toronto. We need help from "old europe" lol
    • Ric Posted 51 months ago · 196 Reply
    • You stole that from my movie!!
    • J. K. Rowling (ntro) Posted 51 months ago · 224 Reply
    • @Romeld Phillips - They are right-hand drive.
    • Phil Posted 51 months ago · 217 Reply
    • Top!
    • Frank MacGill Posted 51 months ago · 215 Reply
    • @mike cole : they made for right hand driving american cars are for lefthand driving (the driver is seated on the left) A very beautiful concept/deesign congratulations
    • Prosper Ysbeer Posted 51 months ago · 168 Reply
    • I just don't see the point.. will it make them cheaper or more reliable.. will it get more people using public transport.. The answer is NO. While I can understand the idea behind going electric, especially within a city like London. I cannot and never will understand, the reason for a new design of something that works fine as it is now. It's that old phrase.. If it ain't broke DON'T fix it
    • Andrew Lee Posted 51 months ago · 198 Reply
    • eeeee.all of you f of.mr lee,true as hell!
    • dan Posted 51 months ago · 207 Reply
    • Ironman!!!
    • Pepper Posted 49 months ago · 197 Reply
    • i love so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like to have S WITH IT
    • LUIE Posted 48 months ago · 201 Reply
    • i love it i am a xpert at this!
    • trainz Posted 38 months ago · 194 Reply
    • Dangerous
    • Ceiy DeYork Posted 36 months ago · 230 Reply
    • This bus complies with disability laws, which was the real reason the Routemaster was mothballed, despite being the most efficient and effective bus in London. This bus is a great design, but they could have just modified the good old Routemaster
    • Bernard Dominic Posted 34 months ago · 220 Reply
    • Nice design but the routemaster will always live on, i know i use to drive them
    • tinker boo Posted 34 months ago · 232 Reply