• Jeff Rich
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  • Watershed is a series by photographer Jeff Rich is an exploration of the relationship between land, water and man, using The French Broad River - once one of the most polluted rivers in the country - as an example.

    During the past 40 years the river has experienced "an extraordinary rebirth" thanks to the Clean Water act, which was put in place in 1972. Unfortunately the act has been weakly enforced lately, and the health of the river is once again in decline. This series shows the ever changing conditions of the river due to floods, erosion and, of course, man's presence.


    • This series looks great, well executed and an interesting subject. Will it be showing in London do you know?
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    • I like this!
    • Hugh Posted 43 months ago · 66 Reply
    • Mitch Epstein's "American Power"
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    • Great work !!! http://boisnoir.fr
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