Heston Blumenthal's Multi-Sensory Animation

Creative studio The Neighbourhood have designed a unique booking experience for Heston Blumenthal's hugely popular (they received up to 10,000 reservation phone calls a day) restaurant The Fat Duck.

Always one to provide a unique experience, Blumenthal wanted customers to be rubbing their hands like a "kid in a sweet shop" even before they visited the restaurant. To create this feeling, The Neighbourhood create an exclusive piece of animated content which is posted to the customer once they book.

"Our animated journey takes the diners through a series of evocative landscapes and visual cues that they will discover during their visit, encountering a series of reward mechanisms through imagined worlds, to arrive at the door of a sweetshop. Once inside, the visual stimulus is removed leaving a curious world of sound guided by John Hurtís narration as the shopkeeper. The narration and rich binaural audio soundscape allows guests to recall their own childhood sweetshop, imagining the sights, sounds and smells through a combination of stimuli and memory."

Watch a making of video and take a look at some animation stills below.