A Suspended Life-Size Train Sculpture by Jeff Koons

  • Posted 80 months Ago

Jeff Koon's "Train" - an enormous full-size sculptural replica of the 1943 Baldwin 2900 steam locomotive - is possibly going to come to life seven years after the idea was originally abandoned. Friends of the High Line, the group behind the elevated park in Chelsea, announced that the sculpture is one of the possible designs for the park's 30th Street spur. If it goes ahead, the train replica will be suspended over the elevated park and will cost roughly $25 million to construct. "In order for this idea to become a reality, we would need to determine a way to safely integrate 'Train' into the rail yards design, and find private support from a single funder to build it," said Friends of the High Line.

When the sculpture was first planned, it was going to whistle, blow steam, and spin its wheels three times per day as a homage to Magritte's "Time Transfixed". The latest renderings of the train do not include these elements, although these are still early designs. "The power and the dynamic of 'Train' represents the ephemeral energy that runs through the city every day," said Koons.