• American Apparel Ads Banned
  • Posted 45 months ago by Jack Lowe · culture · 24848 Views
  • American Apparel are certainly known for their provocative adverts, but apparently they've taken it too far with the "nude buttocks" in their latest series of eight ads. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority say they are too exploitative and pornographic.

    "We considered that in the particular context of images which featured nudity and sexually provocative poses, there was a voyeuristic and 'amateurish' quality to the images which served to heighten the impression that the ads were exploitative of women and inappropriately sexualized young women."

    In retaliation, AA said it was "important to judge what was and was not offensive by reference to the current times and the views of the majority of decent and reasonable people, not a small and puritanically-minded minority." They also defended their choice to use "real women" rather than models in their shoot, stating that consumers can relate to these types of photographs and that the women were "happy, relaxed, and confident in expression and pose."

    The final decision taken was that 7 of the 8 ads will not be allowed to run again, and American Apparel have been warned not to produce similar ads in the future.


    • Bloody smut!
    • Sam Posted 45 months ago · 140 Reply
    • Owned by a massive paedo
    • Tom Posted 45 months ago · 144 Reply
    • These ads are boring, who do they think they are shocking now??
    • Clara Posted 45 months ago · 153 Reply
    • Rubbish and uninteresting ads.
    • Vinney Posted 45 months ago · 142 Reply
    • this girl looks 14! put some shorts on!
    • nga waiata Posted 45 months ago · 129 Reply
    • sex sells. duh. i like the adds. they arent crazy or far fetched. i would rather see these adds instead of most out there. i think most of us can relate to these people a lot easier than celebrities on yachts drinking Champagne looking fake as fuck. Or buff french guys wearing speedos with amazing hair advertising cologne. ( ie; all adds shot by mario testino)
    • colby Posted 45 months ago · 174 Reply
    • i would
    • qwertyuiop Posted 45 months ago · 155 Reply