• Curzon On Demand
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  • On 6 April, London's Curzon Cinema's rolled out a new service called Curzon On Demand, which offers members and the public the chance to stream current films from their home. Unlike other services such as Lovefilm and Netflix, Curzon On Demand allows you to watch the film from the day of its theatrical release, rather than having to wait for it to become available on DVD.

    Registering for an account is free and then pricing is 10 (6 with introductory price offer) for new releases, 4 for recent releases, and older films at 2. Current films include Le Havre, We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Melancholia.


  • SATURDAYS NYC & Shut Skateboard
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  • Independent label and retail outlet SATURDAYS NYC have teamed up with Shut, who were founded in 1986 and are NYC's first skate company, to create two collaborative skateboard decks. The decks come either fully assembled with Ace Trucks, Shut wheels and Bones Abec 7 Bearings for $180,...
  • David Stephenson - Vaults
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  • Compiled over a period of six years, Vaults is a series of photographs taken by David Stephenson in cathedrals, churches and minsters around Europe. By pointing the camera straight up and aligning himself in the middle of the ceiling, Stephenson turned the elaborate three-dimensional...
  • Vinyl Riot - The Travel Issue
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  • Since their humble beginnings as a 14-year-old's bedroom side project, Greek publication Vinyl Riot have come a long way. For their fourth issue (spring 2012 issue) they asked various artists and brand, such as Dallas Clayton (author of the mega-successful An Awesome Book) and Warriors...
  • Inside Don Draper's 1960s Apartment
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  • The LA Times have given us a close up look at Don Draper's new Manhattan home in the latest series of Mad Men. Played by Jon Hamm, Don Draper has moved away from the "dreary" old house he lived in with ex-wife Betty and taken up residence in an up-to-date 1966 apartment with wife...
  • Video: HUF Introduce Josh Matthews
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  • Skateboarding brand HUF have released a new short video part to introduce the latest member of their team - Josh Matthews. The part took three months to film, back and forth between LA and San Francisco with filmer/editor Martin Reigel. Check it out below!