• Alex Prager: Compulsion
  • Posted 34 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 5667 Views
  • Alex Prager, a photographer whose glossy commercial work often graces the pages of W and Vogue, has a new exhibition at Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. Named "Compulsion", the exhibition from features a number of images from the artist's series of the same name as well as a new short film, La Petite Mort.

    Inspired by films such as Metropolis and Un Chien Andalou, Prager produces images reminiscent of Hollywood's golden age, putting her anonymous protagonists in wigs and introducing Pulp Fiction-style jackets to investigate the complexity of observation within our society.

    The exhibition opened on 20 April and will be running through to 26 May, 2012.

    Michael Hoppen Gallery
    3 Jubilee Place
    SW3 3TD


    • love the tones and composition in that car pic.
    • michael Posted 34 months ago · 36 Reply
    • This looks fantastic.
    • Harry Posted 34 months ago · 25 Reply
    • Last image is the stand out winner for me
    • Hugh Posted 34 months ago · 29 Reply
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