• Rare Extreme Wide-Angle Lens
  • Posted 49 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 13613 Views
  • This impressive piece of photography equipment is the Nikon Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 - a lens first produced in 1970 for the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany. At the time is was crowned the "world's most extreme angle lens" with the ability to shoot 220 on a 24x36mm.

    Even when it became available to the general public in 1972, it was still only available to special order, so anyone who has a spare 100,000 will be glad to know that Gray's of Westmister have spent six months tracking down one of the lenses from overseas.

    The lens is in mint condition, uses 12 glass elements in nine groups and weighs 5.2kg. It has a minimum focussing distance of 25cm and features a slip-on front lens cap and is delivered in a rugged metal case.


    • thats insane! i'd never use it
    • ryan Posted 49 months ago · 106 Reply
    • would of worked great for skateboarding !
    • mark martinez Posted 49 months ago · 101 Reply
    • ^ that's probably why there isn't a sample preview photo in the post
    • photogruff Posted 49 months ago · 90 Reply
    • This looks so awsome
    • erno Posted 49 months ago · 95 Reply
    • Yeah, where's a sample?! Lens is all well and good. Glad its so expensive and all but show us what it does. I have 100,000 burning a hole in my trousers!
    • Vanderlander Posted 48 months ago · 116 Reply