• Christian Stoll
  • Posted 49 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 10202 Views
  • Freelance photographer Christian Stoll is a man who specialises in photographing the epic. The spaces none of us care to think about. The data centers where our names, email address and photographs are stored, warehouses containing the thousands of books we regularly browse through on Amazon, and air hangers only top engineers get to look inside.

    This unique ability to capture these immense places on film has caused top clients such as IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, BMW to come knocking at his door, signing him up to shoot equally immense worldwide print campaigns.

    For the full series, head to his portfolio.


    • This guy is awesome
    • Mark Posted 49 months ago · 79 Reply
    • Photoshop?
    • PJ Posted 49 months ago · 84 Reply
    • I swear that first pic is by Andreas Gursky.
    • Beau Posted 49 months ago · 79 Reply
    • Montages and photoshop skills.
    • Arnaud Posted 49 months ago · 75 Reply