Philippe Starck's New Spray Gets You Drunk Instantly

  • Posted 77 months Ago

Famous French designer Philippe Starck has joined forces with an American scientist named David Edwards to develop a new spray with the power to get you drunk instantly, for just a few seconds.

The duo have named the concoction, which comes in an aerosol, WA|HH Quantum Sensations. The lipstick shaped object dispenses shots of 0.075 ml of alcohol at a time, the micro-particles of which stimulate the brain. The spray won't be able to get you seriously drunk however, as most drinks have between 40 - 60 ml of alcohol in them, so you'd need about 650 sprays of this to get the same effect. Each WA|HH device contains enough alcohol in it to spray 21 times.

The product, which costs $26 (approx. Ł16), was developed to allow people to have the intoxicating pleasure of alcohol but without all the negative consequences - such as hangovers.

Can you see it taking off?