• Aerial by Debombourg Baptist
  • Posted 29 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 5713 Views
  • Aerial is a site-specific installation piece by French artist Debombourg Baptist which examines the idea of togetherness within something broken. The piece is made from over two tons of glass, wood and nails and took over 420 hours to create. Many artists believe the time taken to create a piece of work is irrelevant and the idea itself is what should be judged or measured, but Baptist records how long each piece takes to make, asking the question "What if I were the first artist to get paid by the hour?"

    Speaking further about the piece Baptist said, "Destruction, like construction, is a human expression and a paradox of life because it is can be both good and evil. My personal point of view is that destruction is inevitably linked to repair."


  • TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Watch
  • 29 months ago · culture · 0 Comments · 3800 Views
  • To pay tribute to their rich 60-year-old history, TUDOR watches are introducing a brand new model to their Heritage line - The Heritage Black Bay. Building on a classic model from the 1950s, which was famously adopted by divers for its superior underwater capabilities, the Heritage...
  • Video: Pharrell Williams Announces i am OTHER
  • 29 months ago · culture · 1 Comment · 1863 Views
  • Musician turned all-round entrepreneur Pharrell Williams has launched a video announcing his new media venture - i am OTHER. The idea at the base of the venture, which aims to be more of a cultural movement than a record label,...
  • Opening Ceremony Launching Magazine
  • 29 months ago · culture · 0 Comments · 4959 Views
  • Fashion retailer Opening Ceremony, who have plans to open a London store in time for the Olympics, have announced they are launching a culture magazine named OC Annual. Set for release in August, the magazine will center on a different theme for each issue, with the first focusing...
  • Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs
  • 29 months ago · film · 2 Comments · 6518 Views
  • The first few snaps of actor Ashton Kutcher dressed up as Steve Jobs for his new role in the film "Jobs: Get Inspired" have now emerged. The photographs were shot on an LA movie set and show Kutcher in Jobs's trademark attire - the black turtleneck tucked into plain blue jeans and...