• Wendelin Spiess - Mirrored Faces
  • Posted 45 months ago by Jack Lowe · Art & Design · 10821 Views
  • A new photography series by Wendelin Spiess, published in the latest edition of USED, sees the faces of various models split directly down the middle with either side then mirrored to give us two similar, but not quite the same, portraits.

    USED Issue Three is now available for 6 (+P&P).


    • genius. almost makes me forget that anyone can do this on photobooth.
    • nfn Posted 45 months ago · 96 Reply
    • http://vimeo.com/28416766
    • GPil Posted 45 months ago · 89 Reply
    • Reminded me of Julian Wolkenstien's Echoism project. http://www.julianwolkenstein.com/index.php?/2011/echoism-progress/ Nice though!
    • Carl Posted 45 months ago · 94 Reply